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If you are very confused what would be the sequence or how to organize your artwork, we will give you some advice or idea where to put them to create a beautiful appearance in your house or office. 

Ordering and buying artworks or paintings would be really easy for us , but do you have any idea where to hang them ?

Here are some ideas or techniques on where to put them. 

For family pictures or family paintings you can put them at the hallway and bedroom. You don't really need to keep them away from your visitors cause the history of the family is very important , you need to show them your ancestors to descendants 


For extra large paintings you can put them in the living room and bedrooms as well so it could give color or life to those rooms. It can also attract guests and become interested about it, big paintings can pull visitors inside your home. 


Another technique in putting wonderful paintings at home , make sure to match the colors of frame or painting to your walls. 

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