About Us

Fabulous Artworks, Right At Your Fingertips

We want to make the experience of buying art accessible for everyone.

That’s why we source exceptional works and make it easy to shop for them online. No matter where you are in the country, you can browse authentic Aboriginal art and oil paintings with the click of a button.

Art Buy was established because our world operates increasingly online. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the true gallery experience!

Our online gallery means we can share Australia’s artistic talent with you, so that you can bring more colour, beauty and creativity into your home.

Thrilled with my purchase and the quick turnaround for delivery. Thank you!

- ROY Z.

We’re Experts In Art Curation & Framing

Our founder Avi Efrat has been in the art curation and framing business for almost two decades.

Prior to starting Art Buy, he sourced oil paintings for interior home designers and developed his skills in framing for 15 years.

In 2007, he built a highly successful framing business called Fantastic Framing, which still operates to this day. Driven by technical excellence and brilliant service in equal measure, the company has served hundreds of happy customers since it began. 

Working in an environment where creative talent would literally come through the door every day, Avi was inspired to continue sourcing and selling beautiful art. He began introducing curated works to Fantastic Framing showrooms at multiple locations around Sydney and Melbourne. And this was the start of Art Buy!

In particular, Avi and our team became immersed in the richness of Aboriginal art. With such strong traditions of oral history, Aboriginal artists use their work to explore visual stories full of deep and striking symbolism. Strong partnerships connected us with Aboriginal art collectives and individual creators and we began sourcing artwork from across Australia.

After receiving a wonderful response from scores of satisfied customers, the Art Buy team decided to do something totally different:

Launch our online gallery!

We wanted to help people find the perfect artwork for their home or for a thoughtful gift - without the multi-step process required by so many conventional galleries. That’s why we set out to offer a truly one-stop-shop service, where you could browse beautiful works, order them safely and easily online AND get them delivered right to your door free of charge. 

And in the case of our Aboriginal art, we wanted to go one step further and frame these in Fantastic Framing’s signature floating frame. 100% Australian-made and exceptionally high quality, this professionally framing service means that your artwork arrives ready to hang!

Art Buy Believes In



Everything Art Buy stands for comes back to service. 

With years of experience under our belts, we know that the success of a business is measured in how many happy customers it has!

Our team strives to go above and beyond in every interaction. From providing quick, useful support online to ensuring your purchase gets to you safely, we take your satisfaction seriously. That’s also why we offer FREE delivery Australia wide and a 100% money-back guarantee and returns policy on all our artworks. 

We want to make every part of your Art Buy experience easy, seamless and driven by exceptional service


We know that some parts of the art world have a less-than-perfect reputation and those shady dealings are NOT our style. 

When you purchase from Art Buy, you can trust that you’ll receive high-quality, genuine artworks from real, talented artists. All our Aboriginal artworks and oil paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity - noshoddymass productions here!

We also believe that authenticity goes beyond the art we sell. It means acting with integrity ourselves. Art Buy engages in equitable business practice and all artists are compensated fairly for their work. The business is Australian owned and operated and all proceeds from your purchases stay within this great country of ours.


We believe that art makes the world a better place! 

Sharing the creative expression of talented people is our passion. And we think that the more people can engage with art - especially the creations of Australia’s First Nations People -  the more connected we all become. 

At Art Buy, we want to bring more colour, vibrancy and joy to your life. Whether it’s giving a thoughtful gift or choosing a piece for your home that makes you smile every day, we’re spreading positivity, one artwork at a time!

Sensational service!! Beautiful product and gift. Thank you.

- Annie K.