Q: How much will it cost to ship my order? A: Shipping is included in purchase price; there are no hidden fees.

Q: Who will deliver my package? A: Australia Post or TNT to your door (If you are not home a note will be left indicating local pick-up point) . Art Buy Australia uses Australia Post or TNT for all of our deliveries: domestic and international.

Q: How long will it take to receive my painting? A: Painting will take approximately 5-10 days to reach you from when you order.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: We accept all credit cards through paypal. You can send a cheque or a money order written out to Direct Art BUY. You can also pay online


Q: How does Direct Deposit Work? A: Direct Deposit is a simple way to transfer money directly into Direct Art Australia's bank account. The fastest way to do this is to transfer the money directly from your bank account (usually via online banking) into ours, using the BSB Number 012235 and Account Number 4888 13493 It is also possible to walk into any ANZ in Australia and make a deposit for free. . For online banking, simply login to your banks website and choose the Pay Anyone feature. You will then be asked for our BSB Number and Direct Art Australia's Account Number and the amount to pay. Please also type in the Painting code.

Q:What is the difference between your oil paintings and the prints I see everywhere else? A: The prints that you can find on many sites on the Internet and in many stores are just printed images of paintings. The oil paintings on Art Buy Australia are actual hand-made. These paintings are made by talented individual artists.

Q:Does the painting look exactly like the picture on this web page? A:The pictures on this website are of the paintings that we own. However, you should take into account that the view of your computer screen can cause a slight distortion of the colors. Also when we receive more than one unit of the same painting there is always a small difference between each of them. The oil paintings Art Buy Australia are hand made and therefore some variation is always a possibility - they look fantastic!

Q:Why are your prices so low? A:Direct Art Australia specialises in providing low cost, hand painted art. We have an unmatched ability to create paintings at a low price (no gallery overheads) and instead of increasing our profit we transfer the savings to our customers. Buying from Art Buy Australia gives you the opportunity to purchase oil paintings at the wholesale price.

Q:Do you sell worldwide? A:Yes, we accept international orders. Terms of Use 14 Day Money Back Return Policy.