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Curates Beautiful Artworks That You Can Browse At The Click Of A Button

As Australia’s leading online gallery, we pride ourselves on making high-quality art available to everyone - no matter where they are in the country. 

Art Buy is driven by accessibility AND authenticity. We ensure that every piece is handcrafted by top creative talent.

By delivering exceptional art right to your door, we help you find unique gifts and exquisite additions to your own home.

No hassle, no second guessing - just a seamless shopping experience and an end product we know you’ll love!

Every Piece In Our Gallery Is 100% Genuine

  • We pride ourselves on sourcing hand-painted and printed works that come from individual artists. You’ll never see a shoddy reproduction or mass-produced print of a painting here!

  • We take our responsibility as art curators seriously and believe in supporting creative talent. 

  • All artworks are ethically sourced and artists are fairly compensated for their wonderful work. Plus, every Aboriginal artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, so you know you’re getting the real deal!

The painting looks gorgeous on the wall. Beautiful and affordable art - thank you Art Buy!

- Nancy D.

We Specialise In Authentic Aboriginal Art & Expressive Oil Paintings

But within those two categories, there is endless choice! You can pick from a wide range of works, featuring every colour, size and style you can imagine.

Learn more about Art Buy’s Aboriginal Art

Australia’s First Nations People have the world’s most ancient culture with a strong storytelling tradition. And art has been a vehicle to tell those stories visually. 

Art Buy is passionate about bringing Aboriginal art to all corners of Australia and amplifying the beautiful work of our country’s most renowned Indigenous talent. We showcase a diverse range of traditional and contemporary styles, including dot-painting and landscapes. 

Intricate dot work is one of the most recognisable traditional techniques, associated with the Central Desert regions of Australia and using culturally significant symbols. Landscape paintings celebrate the sacred meaning that land holds within Aboriginal culture and can utilise traditional or more contemporary techniques. 

Art Buy’s Aboriginal art comes in multiple sizes, including larger statement pieces that are perfect for a feature wall. Each piece is hand-painted on high-quality canvas and comes ready to hang in our signature floating timber frame. 

We know how important it is to source art with a sense of integrity and ethical business practice. You can be assured that every artwork is genuine, coming with its own Certificate of Authenticity and bearing the artist’s signature. We believe in enthusiastically investing in longstanding and emerging talent and commit to fairly compensating artists for their work.

Learn more about Art Buy’s Oil Paintings:

At Art Buy, we think art is the perfect addition to any home. It immediately gives your space some visual interest and elevates your decor. When it comes to adding a pop of colour and texture to a room, we think it’s hard to go past oil paintings!

Our curated range of oil paintings are an authentic and affordable way to experiment with art. While many art dealers offer reproductions of paintings (i.e printed images of existing paintings), we never compromise on quality!  Each piece is created by a genuine artist and is uniquely hand-painted, with no brush stroke the same between paintings!

You can choose a classic stretch canvas or opt for our signature floating timber frame.

I like the texture and colours. Looks very good in our living room.

- Erin J.